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Data Upload

We offer several different options for uploading medical imaging data.

For anonymizing medical imaging data locally or through a PACS, we recommend David Clunie's DicomCleaner tool.

1. Web

Web uploader offers the greatest flexibility in importing from various web-based sources. We support all formats in our web uploader including video, DICOM, and even large microscopic images.

2. Native Client

We recommend using Cyberduck, an open source client for FTP and SFTP, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure and Amazon S3, available for MacOS, Windows, and iOS. Whether you have your own private cloud or would like to access our managed cloud, Cyberduck makes it easy to transfer large batches of files or gigapixel size images with the ease of a native application. At the core of SemanticMD Cloud Storage, we use Minio, an open source distributed object storage server.

3. API

curl -H 'X-ApiKey: YOUR_API_KEY' -X POST -d "category=abnormal" -d "project=tb_detection" -d "customer=semanticmd" -d "tile=false" -d "image_urls[]=" -d "image_urls[]="

Our API upload feature lets you integrate into your existing apps and codebase and set up your own routing and upload subroutines.

4. DICOM Server

We provide a DICOM destination to make it easy to transfer data directly from your PACS. At the core of SemanticMD Cloud Viewer, we use Orthanc, a free, open-source, lightweight, RESTful, standalone DICOM server enabling the secure and easy exchange of information between departments, physicians, and hospitals.

Our hosted DICOM server option will geographically be located near you and with server IP and AE Title (SEMANTICMD) you can use your favorite DICOM data sharing solution. We recommend ImageInbox if you want a cost-effective, lightweight gateway and AmbraHealth for a robust, lightweight PACS.

Data Upload

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